UPDATE: Recent Fibr ONUs have their passwords unrevealed or changed due to 'security concerns'. Thus, newer Fiberhome white ONUs with dualband WiFi have reportedly hashed passwords instead of the usual 1234567890.

In PLDT's Fibr systems, Router Mode can be achieved in 3 ways.

  • Call PLDT at 101-FIBR to request ONU update. (Earlier done before 2014)
  • Direct from the ONU configuration.
  • PLDT hotline, same as above, (Needed for 2017 Fiberhome dualband WiFi ONUs, as ONU passwords are reportedly forbidden to be shared to consumers)

New Fibr installations are usually set to Router Mode out of the box, unless requested by the subscriber.

Differences between Bridge ModeEdit

  • Network Address Translation of the ONU will be used to distribute connectivity to whatever devices are connected to it.
  • If multiple ports are enabled in Router Mode, any device connected to it will receive connectivity.
  • The ONU will handle routing, DHCP and NAT. This is the ideal scenario for a location with less devices. If your connection is choking due to sheer amount of devices connected, an external router may be recommended.

WARNING: While Router mode can work with another router connected, this will result in Double NAT which performs Network Address Translation twice and degrade internet connectivity for the whole LAN, as well as render port forwarding useless. There may be scenarios where Double NAT may be desirable, such as forbidding torrent connections where QOS is not an option.

How to enable Router Mode in PLDT Fibr ONUsEdit

  • Log in to your ONU (usually
  • Click WAN setup.
  • From Bridge, change selection to Router.
  • Enable NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • Enable WiFi.
  • Check Port 1 of the LAN connection, and tick other ports checked if desired. If you are under IPTV connection, leave the settings as it is.
  • In LAN tab or DHCP tab, Enable DHCP.
  • Save settings and reboot.

Login credentialsEdit

The following login will work only for black Fiberhome ONUs. It is not guaranteed to work in other models. Login: adminpldt Password: 1234567890